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427 E Colorado Ave
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february, 2019 5 PM TO 8 PM

word art | works inspired by text

Word art describes a category of text-based, postmodernist art practiced by several contemporary artists since the 1950s. This type of artmaking encompasses work that includes words or phrases as its primary artistic component. In fact, text-based imagery featuring words and phrases has appeared as a featured element in a variety of different media for centuries including painting, sculpture, lithography, and screenprinting.

Many artists use text to explore a feeling or idea with a word, a word's phonetic breakdown, a phrase, grammatical structure, or utilize automatic writing styles in posters, books, journals, minimalism and more. In many ways, word art changed the spectrum of art making evolving from absurdist literature into a highly admired practice of contemporary art.

Shirley Bales

Painting outside almost exclusively for 15 years, I developed my ability to see. I paint from life to experience the subject with all of my senses, translating my impressions into small plein air studies completed on location I use my initial studies to develop larger studio works, expanding on them and delving deeper - for art is in the subtleties that language cannot speak.

Janelle Grosser

Amplified colors adjacent the experience of coming of age in a culture of heightened reality and deafeningly loud expectations for women. The violent color relationships which vibrate in the viewers’ eyes compare to a tinnitus-like fall out experienced when faced with the mundanity of daily life. Compulsive mark making and repetition serve as cathartic processing as well as an indicator of the work of constructing one's self or self-image. A similar treatment of materials for figure and ground results in a sensation that the figure could, or is, fading into its surroundings. This push and pull illuminate the struggle to differentiate between what has been created in the image of the simulacra or genuine self.


Lisa's positive energy has guided her through her process. This work is only a small portion of her portfolio. Some of Lisa's work represents an activist purging antifeminist concepts. Other work represents healing and rebirth. Many aspects of her work denounce the cultural expectation that women should always put themselves last. Her work combines the contrasting aspects of beauty and charm with the gnarly fight of womanhood. Lisa's partner and best friend, Caled Kirkpatrick, collaborated with her on this show.


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