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The original Dark Visions began in 2015 with MAU, KJ Murphy and actors Matt Block and Key Dieck. We got together one evening to shoot some dark and creepy stuff and decided that the results were worth pursuing in more depth. Ideas and concepts popped into my head. I was still working on the Hollywood Icons Gallery, but I knew I wanted to head in a different direction... possibly Hollywood Horror. KJ came up with the name for the gallery, and Dark Visions was born.

The first images you will see in the Gallery are a collection of villains and murderers (from fact or fiction), legends, and creatures of fantasy that represent our original concept of creating a tribute to The Grand Guignol. Dark and gory images... some quite over the top... create an interesting palette of blood red that gives our tribute a true sense of horror.

The Rogues Gallery is a series of portraits that didn't quite fit into a Hollywood Horror theme. Although many films and television shows have been based upon these or similar characters, they do seem to stand out on their own as icons of the dark and mysterious.

You'll find fictional villains suck as Mack the Knife from Three Penny Opera, and true life killers, Charles Starkweather and Ted "Red" Bundy. Our intent is not to pay tribute to these evil men and women, but to show how these personas have influenced tales of darkness and woe that gave birth to Grand Guignol theater and modern horror films.

Let's just say that these creatures of evil are roaming in Hell where they belong. Our images are snapshots of them peering through the veil from the other side. Luckily for us they are trapped there for eternity.

Or are they...?