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Native American POUCH


Native American POUCH WORKSHOP

Learn the history and the tradition of this Plains Indian art. Construct a rawhide pouch, paint it with traditional materials and have fun creating your own design or use a traditional design.

This workshop will focus on history, construction and decoration in the Native American art of pouch or parfleche making. Students will learn how to make a traditional Plains Indian pouch made of rawhide and paint it with earth paints or prisma colored pencils. Once your pouch is completed you can add a buckskin lace to wear around your neck or hang on your wall. Ask questions, bring a notebook and something to write with. You may take photos. Also wear comfortable clothes you don’t mind getting paint on. Students will learn about how Plains Indians used rawhide and will have a clear knowledge of what they were used for. Students will go with home a finished piece or two.

Students need to bring notebook and something to write with. I will provide rawhide, buckskin ties, paint/prisma colored pencils, egg whites, brushes, micron pens.