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427 E Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
United States




SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 - SEPTEMBER 30, 2018

The artists involved with the Abstract Expressionism movement of the last century have always fascinated me. To that end, I have studied their individual styles and techniques and embraced many of the methods they used to represent their art. So when I decided to start painting the draw of becoming a latter-day expressionist was quite strong.

Though many of the original Expressionists worked with oil, I made a conscious decision to use acrylic paint. I did this mostly because of the versatility it gives me but I must admit I also liked the speed at which it dries. I also like the wonderful range of different mediums available to create effects and texture. It freed me to explore and discover sometimes-unconventional techniques and materials so I could create almost anything I could imagine.

As a former engineer, I have a very technical background and so many elements of that part of my life have heavily influenced my art. In the beginning, I did what I called Techno-Tribal Expressionism. This style was often, very object oriented and in some cases quite Steam-Punk but these days my art has veered away from that path. Today, I have settled into something very abstract that is sometimes very minimalist and sometimes very maximalist. Though much of it is quit different, you will know at a glance by my expression of color and textural elements it is all Al B.