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427 E Colorado Ave
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WEDNESDAYS | JUNE 1-22 | 6 PM TO 8 PM | $100

This class for beginner painters provides a great foundation for continued painting. Topics include: selection of visual content, composition development, color mixing, expressive brushwork and the development of your personal painting style. Students will be encouraged to finish a painting during the four-week course. Ages 16 and up.

We will review the supplies and syllabus on the first day, but feel free to bring in any materials and tools you may currently be using, as well as supplies picked up from the list below. Please email your instructor, T'Alyne, with any questions about supplies, here: studiotalyne@gmail.com.

Acrylic paints: Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Titanium White, Mars Black, Raw Umber light, Burnt Sienna
(If you wish, you may bring other colors. Winsor Newton and Golden are good brands, and economy brands will also do the job.)
Paper- Arches Cold press paper. (1-10 sheets, which can be cut down into smaller pieces, or any pad of cold press watercolor paper.)
2” blue painter's tape
paper towels or cloth rags
spray bottle
gel medium
palette knife
pencil and sketchpad
Brushes: The following list of brushes are only suggestions. Finding what works for you and your work will be a topic of discussion during class. It is good to have a few brush options including: hoghair, white synthetic, sable, and economy. A good brush set includes: Short filbert 6, round 6, bright 6, filbert 6, flat 6

The following is a description of what brushes do:
Round- Long handle- for fine detail, lines and washes.
Bright- long handle- a short flat head brush creates sharp edges with control.
Filbert- Long handle- Flat with oval tip creates a broad mark with a soft edge.
One Stroke/wash- short handle- flat wash brush for creating edges and shapes.
Round- short handle- for fine detail, lines, and washes.
Flat- long handle- for blend, glaze, or cover a large area.
Fan- long handle- blend, soften edges and create textures