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427 E Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
United States



JANUARY 6, 2017 - JANUARY 28, 2017


Contemporary Realism is the straightforward realistic approach to representation which continues to be widely practiced in this post-abstract era. It is different from Photorealism, which is somewhat exaggerated and ironic and conceptual in its nature. These works may seem photorealistic from a distance, but they break down with proximity, where the texture of the paint becomes a tool that builds the subjects and brush strokes or layers of glaze become abstract moments within the world of the painting.

Realist painters are recognized by their choice of subject matter. A realist paints the world as around them they experience it and finds beauty and interest in everyday people, places, and things that the rest of society might find mundane. The realist is also defined by their technical execution, which aims for an accurate, truthful representation of the subject. Furthermore, much of the contemporary realist art that is agreed to be quality still has the edginess of subject matter that was the essential characteristic of nineteenth-century realism. This edginess may come from the portrayal of nudity, for example, but it can also come from the honest portrayal of subject matter not normally represented due to its banality or commonplace nature.