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For ages 9 and up. Do you dream of becoming an animator or working in the animation industry? You don't have to wait for college to get started. In fact, it's better if you start now. This class will introduce you to the best tools, resources and tips to begin your animator journey. The good news is that many of these tools and resources are available either free or very inexpensively to students. You will be introduced to what you need to know to get started in traditional animation, 2D digital animation, and 3D animation. You will also be introduced to some of the drawing techniques that you should practice everyday as you are developing your skills as an animator.

Students should bring their favorite sketchbook, drawing pencil, and a notepad for taking notes. If they have a Mac or Windows laptop, bring that as well. Paper and pencils will be available to students who don't have either.

An additional $5 supply fee is required for students who do not bring their own digital drawing equipment. This will provide them with paper-based animation materials to work with during class.

For students who wish to participate digitally, I recommend a bringing a Windows or Mac laptop with a basic Wacom drawing tablet – OR – an iOS or Android device (tablet, phone, or KIndle Fire). I also recommend installing the RoughAnimator app (http://roughanimator.com) in advance so it is ready to use. This app is available for all devices listed here. Please make sure that your device battery is charged before class or bring your power supply.