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Ready to get into graphic design? Learn from an expert in this 4-week introductory course to Adobe Illustrator, soon to be one of the most valuable tools in your design arsenal. There's a lot to learn in Illustrator -- that's why this fun class takes a relaxed approach to mastering all the basics.

In this class, you'll sharpen your skills in Adobe Illustrator each week with one-on-one assistance from your instructor. Be sure to sign up for a free one-month trial of Adobe Illustrator within a 24-hour window before class starts -- that way you'll have access to the program throughout the class. Let's have some fun and get creative!

Week One:
In our first class, we'll work on all the need-to-know basics for Adobe Illustrator -- from setting up documents to saving and exporting files. You'll learn how to create basic shapes, and how to use artboards, rulers, guides, and grids. You'll also learn some great time-saving shortcuts used by pro graphic designers. With some practice at home, you'll have completed your first project!

Week Two:
This week, we'll focus on creating shapes with the pathfinder tools. You'll learn how to make clipping masks and compound paths, as well as some useful type treatment tools. Your instructor will provide one-on-one help so you can confidently sharpen your skills at home after class.

Week Three:
It's time to learn how to use the Pen Tool, an Illustrator essential, to create objects and trace paths. We'll combine text, objects, and images to create your first custom graphic -- your choice of a business card, Facebook cover image, or flyer.

Week Four:
This class is designated to reviewing all we've learned, with an open class discussion so we can all learn from one another. We'll also learn how to properly set up files to be exported for web or print. By week four, you'll be an intermediate Illustrator user!

Please bring a wifi enabled laptop computer installed with Adobe Illustrator. Check this link for their free one month trial 24 hours before your first class: here.

CLASS IS FULL!: MONDAYS | MAY 6-27 | 6 PM TO 8 PM | $100