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MAY 5, 2017 - MAY 27, 2017


In art and design, a pattern is a regularity in design where an element or elements repeat in a predictable way. Decorations or visual motifs may be combined and repeated to form patterns that are designed to have a specific effect on a viewer. Patterns have been and continue to be integral to art all over the world, including the intricate geometric patterns of the Islamic world, the colorful floral embroideries of Turkey, Japanese woodblocks, and the diverse mosaics from Mexico, Rome, and the Byzantine empire.

An art movement sprung up around patterns in the 1970s known as Pattern and Decoration which blurred the line between art and design. Inspired by items such as wallpapers, printed fabrics, and quilts, P&D artists were acutely aware of the universe of cultures beyond or beneath Euro-American horizons and of the alternative models they offer for art. Varieties of art from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East as well as folk traditions in the West all blur distinctions between art and design, using abstract design as a primary form as well as ornament as an end in itself.