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427 E Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
United States



SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 - SEPTEMBER 30, 2017


Messthetics is about harnessing the power of the ugly aesthetic. It’s a rebellion against the order of everyday life that revels in the physicality and soul of human nature. The visual cues of Messthetics are all physical, the messy, grimy, sweaty, and visceral. It’s born out of our desire to break away from the sanitation and predictability of everyday life and be more human. With the velocity of visual consumption ever increasing, we are engulfed by sameness, with very little content standing out or breaking the rules. 

Messthetics goes beyond the appreciation of flaws, however. This is deliberate exploration of awkwardness and vulgarity. Ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting. In a sterile and technology driven world dirt and mess suggest agency, activity, autonomy, and humanity.

In its purist form, Messthetics is about impact rather than imperfection. It’s deliberate smearing, rebellion, and play. It has grounding in current social and cultural issues that give it a sense of action, power, and defiance. This aesthetic is about intentionally reveling in an extreme, intense, comfort-free, primal state of being.