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427 E Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
United States




IMAGINARIUM | a drawing class

An Imaginarium refers to a place devoted to the imagination. This drawing class aims to create a portal through which we access this marvelous, creative place. By exploring the concepts of presence, quietness of mind, and internal silence, this class will strengthen your ability to access your imagination and trust the empty space as an invitation for your visual narratives to emerge.

We will use the principles of value, form, balance and design as entry points for each class, and then immerse ourselves in the present with guided drawing exercises. My goal as a teacher is to help you find your blueprint or voice as an artist and be able to create Original works of Art—not just reproductions of your surroundings. Class is open to all humans interested in accessing the power of their own creativity. Whether you work in art, design, work at home, are a dentist, a nun, a cook, have no experience drawing...it’s all good and you are very welcome. 

I believe the practice of ART is in essence the practice of life itself. It is a door into the expansion of our perception and therefore an awakening to the magnificent power of our imagination, where our creative energy resides in potential, nothing is created unless it has been previously imagined.

1 Sketchbook 5.5 in x 8.5 in | 65 lb (I use Canson) 
1 Universal Sketch Croquis book 9in x 12in | 65 lb or any drawing book that 11in x 14in or bigger.
1 Eraser or more, as you see fit. 
Pencil Sharpener
Any standard #2 Pencil
2B, HB and 2H Pencils
I highly recommend a set of graphite pencils soft and hard leads to achieve different effects and styles. 
Mechanical lead pencils are also welcome. 
Ball Point Pen: any color (optional)
Gold, White and Silver gel pens. (optional)