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427 E Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
United States



As a 501c3 organization Cottonwood Center for the Arts is in a unique position of being adequately sustainable through studio rentals, art sales, class enrollment, and as a community events venue. We have completed Phase 1 of our funding goals and are able to run our programming, make general capital improvements, and function day-to-day as an organization. However, in order to expand we require additional funding.

Please join us for Phase 2 as we work to expand our programming, projects, and impact. Your gift to Cottonwood will allow us to offer more classes and development opportunities, show more work from experienced and emerging local artists, sponsor artists in residence who will bring their experiences and talents to our community, provide scholarships to local high school students through our partnership with the former Adduce Foundation, and continue to foster arts and culture in Colorado Springs.

  • $10/month allows us to offer a one semester scholarship to a high school junior or senior for intensive weekend workshops.
  • $20/month allows us to offer theater tickets to twenty seniors in our community free of charge.
  • $50/month allows us to sponsor a one month gallery show for three groups, organizations, or individuals such as PAGE, TESSA, Finding Our Voices, or an emerging local artist.
  • $100/month allows us to complete important capital improvement projects such as renovating our alley into a functional community space, remodeling our classrooms into state-of-the-art accessible learning facilities, or installing energy efficient LED lighting in all of our galleries.

Any gifts to Cottonwood will be poured right back in to creating an environment for a thriving arts community and will help us achieve our goal of leaving a legacy of arts, culture, and beauty to future generations.

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