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427 E Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
United States






spittler gallery | bernard arnest
may 3, 2019 - june 4, 2019

Cottonwood Center for the Arts is honored to present an installation of locally and nationally acclaimed artist, Bernard Arnest for the month of May. []

spittler gallery | the trinidad potters
may 3, 2019 - june 4, 2019


nsr gallery | the work of ELLEN L. AND VINCENT P. O'BRIEN
may 3, 2019 - june 4, 2019

Trained in traditional figurative painting at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Ellen and Vincent O’Brien traveled the world studying and developing their passion for exploring the boundaries of art. As their work matured it began to take on elements of European modernism, abstraction, and impressionism - eventually developing into full fledged cubism and theoretical abstract work. []


johnson gallery | the art of lisa villanueva
may 3, 2019 - june 4, 2019

hanson gallery | nancy stage robinson: españia in 3/4 tempo
april 27, 2019 - june 4, 2019


6 Point Perspective | A Glimpse at Six Daring Female Artists
April 1, 2019 - may 30, 2019

Six of Colorado Springs' bold female artists come together for a collective exhibition. Each has a distinct point of view, style and process. This is an exciting chance to see into the worlds of some fantastic artists and to discuss their work with them[]



  1. tiny art - fine art for tiny homes

  2. nancy roach

  3. pamela quarles

  4. 6 point perspective | an all female exhibition

  5. photography by richard risely