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427 E Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
United States



APRIL 7, 2017 - APRIL 29, 2017


Divine Living illustrates our search for greater purpose. The word “divine” has two meanings. It means delightful, magnificent, and special, and it also plugs into the idea of supreme beings, heavenly bodies, and a desire for the marvelous, for quasi-mystical or religious experiences from monasticity to spirituality. Both of these aspects play out on the visual landscape, and include a surge of concepts such as goodness, intention, and interconnectedness. Soul-searching and contemplation are key elements and purpose, carefully selected treasured objects, and personal experiences dominate over mass accumulation.

Recent trends show people in moments of repose, asking themselves questions about how to live more meaningful lives and includes people’s search for connecting with something greater than themselves. In an overwhelming visual world, purpose is at the core of this narrative.

As eye-minded beings we are in a continual process of becoming and seeing and images should uplift and offer reflection and revelation.