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Dear Parent or Guardian,

We’re so glad to have you and your student on board for another great semester of CREW! This season, we have eight new workshops to offer in a range of engaging topics and mediums, and the schedule was largely based on the students’ own valuable input from the Spring semester. We look forward to accommodating each of our participants’ requests to the best of our ability, and appreciate your understanding if your child’s preferences cannot be fully met. Understand also that each space in CREW is in demand, and once accepted into a workshop we need your student to fully participate. Please don’t allow another event to interfere with a workshop weekend to which commitment has already been made.

If your student will not be able to attend a session for which he or she was accepted and agreed to attend, NOTIFICATION MUST BE GIVEN TO COTTONWOOD CENTER FOR THE ARTS A MINIMUM OF 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE WORKSHOP. Failure to do so will result in a charge to you for the tuition for that session. Please be sure that your student understands that these workshops carry the responsibility of attendance once enrolled.

Thank you, from CREW Youth Arts and Design Lab!

Click here to download Parental Consent and Obligation Form