adult courses | fall 2014


minimalism/reductive art
instructor: karen khoury
closed | wednesdays | september 24 – october 15 | 6 pm to 8 pm | $100

This course will be a four week studio exploration into the elements of art that play a role in the making of Minimalist/Reductive work; exploring extreme simplification of form through color, objectivity and anonymity of style. A brief history of art leading up to Minimalist/Reductive work will be explored as well as constructive discussion of work produced in the class.

Minimal supplies will be needed, cost and materials will be determined by the student.

poetrywebpoetic storytelling
instructor: phil ginsburg
closed | wednesdays | september 24 – october 15 | 6 pm to 8 pm | $100

This class will seek to merge storytelling and performance poetry and explore how the two expressions complement one another. Students will be given a chance to write in class and create on the spot works and given opportunity to perform for one another. Emphasis will be placed on: internalization of presentation, recitation, personalizing of work, posture, confidence, connecting with the audience, humor, and finding one’s own unique style and voice in their work. Each student will work on one piece that will be shaped for the final class performance in front of invited friends and family.

Writing materials.

photowebfrom lens to life
instructor: sarah curry
closed | wednesdays | october 22 – november 12 | 6 pm to 8 pm | $100

Photography with Vision and Style: Connecting with Your Subject is a four week class in which students will learn how to create photographic images that tell a story, not just from the artistic technique and style of the photography but also the philosophy behind the image.

Students will become familiar with principles of composition, color, editing, and presentation as they refine their bodies of work. Through writing, drawing, research, presentation, and photographic assignments, students will gain a new perspective in their photography journey.

Students will complete four individual projects plus a final presentation that will be critiqued by fellow students and will be given the opportunity for display within the walls of Cottonwood Center for the Arts.

*This is not a instructional class on how to use your camera. If you would like to brush up on your camera usage skills before the class begins, try many of the online tutorials on the specific camera that you use.

Students must have access to use your own or rented digital SLR camera and personal home computer (lab time can be scheduled with instructor if a home computer is not accessible). Will be responsible for the printing and presentation of (3) 11×14 prints and multiple 4×6 prints (approximate cost $50-$100 depending on the lab that you choose).

web2talk to the hand
instructors: cass mullane and liz kettle
closed | wednesdays | october 22 – november 12 | 6 pm to 8 pm | $100

You can DO this! Explore abstract contemporary art in a fun, relaxed way. Two awesome teachers, several fun exercises to free your creative energies, a mixed media kit full of everything you need, nothing to bring but yourself! Using abstract shapes we’ll focus on color and form, positive and negative spaces and you’ll complete the class with a small abstract piece of art.

Week 1: Design/composition exercises, working with fusibles
Week 2: Do the “real stuff” (work on your own design)
Week 3: Adding fibers and stitch
Week 4: Adding beading and finishing

Kit Includes: fusible web, pre-fused fabrics, papers, beads, fibers, needles | Kit Fee: $20

All materials included with $20 kit fee.


from sheep to shirt
instructor: nichole fetterhoff
closed | wednesdays | october 29 – november 19 | 6 pm to 8 pm | $100

The Sheep to Shirt workshop aims to teach sustainable creation of textiles from dirty, smelly wool all the way to a finished knit product. Students will choose from plant or animal derived fibers to dye. Our dyeing materials can be easily sourced from any neighborhood backyard, garden, or kitchen. We will use simple wooden materials to make a spindle, learn to spin wool into yarn on the spindle and then knit with our very own yarn to create a miniature raglan shirt.

All materials included.

register now: from sheep to shirt | october 29 – november 19 ($100)

potterywebwheel throwing: from clay to kiln
instructor: jim lummel
closed | wednesdays | november 5 – december 3 (no class november 26) | 6 pm to 8:30 pm | $100

Do you want to get your hands dirty and learn how to make beautiful functional pieces you can use every day? Bowls, cups, and simple vases are great projects for beginners but students with more experience are just as welcome! Starting with preparing the clay to throwing on the wheel this class is full of hands-on experience. Learn the properties of firing and finishing, the importance of temperature control, and basic glazing techniques. Your first 25 pounds of clay are included in the class price, but make sure to pick up the Pottery Toolkit from Meininger’s before your first class session.

Pottery Toolkit from Meininger’s.

zampierphoto1the art of documenting your days: sketchbook journaling
instructor: a. brian zampier
saturday | november 15 | 10 am to 1 pm | $40

Join A. Brian Zampier, artist and Marianist brother from St. Louis, Missouri as he guides you through the creative possibilities for keeping a sketchbook journal.

Designed for those of us who always say, “I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler” and for artists who need some encouragement to get that old sketchbook going again. You will be led through four hands-on exercises in “Markmaking 101.”

There will be plenty of examples to show from Brian’s sketchbooks, which he has been keeping since 24 December 1974 (he’s currently on number 95!) and time will be given to explore the possibilities and to share with others your creative adventures.

Bring along a sketchbook if you have one, or buy a simple 8 1/2 x 11 wire bound one. Some additional supplies will be available at the workshop. iPads and tablets welcome if you’d like to go the paperless route!

register now: the art of documenting your days: sketchbook journaling| november 15 ($40)

writingpublishing your own children’s book
instructor: ken guentert
wednesday | december 10 | 10:30 am to 12 pm | $35

Have you written a children’s book – or thought about writing one? Ken Guentert of the Publishing Pro, LLC, will walk you through the process of planning your book, working with your partner (an illustrator or writer), making a story board, and getting your book into production. Includes a copy of How to Publish Your Own Children’s Book.

Writing materials.

register now: publishing your own children’s book | december 10 ($35)