adult courses | spring 2014

one day workshops

webtransitionsclosed | transitions
instructor: karen khoury
saturday | march 15 | 12 pm to 3 pm | $40

Transitions: this class is designed for artists (working in any medium) who are progressing in their work, and eager to transition.

Whether it is the transition of medium, style or theory, this three hour session will include lecture, discussion and critique that will provide valuable strategies for those looking to break through to the next level.

Please bring three examples of current or past work for this class.

weboilclosed | oil painting from start to finish
instructor: patience heyl
thursday-saturday | april 3-5 | 10 am to 1 pm | $195

This 3 day workshop is intended to bring out the natural artist within each individual. You will learn the principles of drawing, composition, color, and most important, the use of light and value as they give an essence to your own individual style of painting. Fear is never part of the process and falls away when the student is working in an unpretentious atmosphere without judgement.

Students need to bring their own canvas.

webtemperaclosed | egg tempera: learn to paint like an egyptian
instructor: gloria bordi-lynch
saturday | april 5 | 10 am to 1 pm | $90

In this class you’ll learn the basics of egg tempera. Crisp and luminous are two of the defining characteristic qualities of egg tempera. Egyptians used it on sarcophagi: we can still enjoy today the vibrant colors. Well more than 2000 years later Greek and Russian icon artists never abandoned the technique. It fell out of favor in the mid 1500’s when oil became the favorite medium, but it has been rediscovered by such artists as the Pre-Raphaelites and Andrew Wieth (see “Christmas Word” – 1948) among many others.

All materials will be provided but please bring your own brushes: Sable or soft nylon, with good points and long bristles – think delicate applications, no impasto.

webstampsclosed | hand carved stamps
instructor: cass mullane
wednesday | april 9 | 6 pm to 8 pm | $50
wednesday | may 14 | 6 pm to 8 pm | $50

Wouldn’t you like to make your own hand carved stamps? Whether you’ve seen designs that you love but you cannot find in stores, or you want to create original designs, learn how in this fun two hour class. We’ll cover the tools and supplies and use very simple techniques to carve a few stamps of your own. Beginners welcome! If you have stamp carving tools and blades, please bring them.

All materials included.

webbodaciousbookclosed | big bodacious book
instructor: liz kettle
saturday | april 12 | 10 am to 5 pm | $110

This beguiling book will beckon your muse, not with a bashful whisper but with a bold demand. It begs to be touched, fondled, written in and upon. We will begin with painting our pages to banish the barren desert of the white page. These easy paint techniques will provide inspiration and a beautiful beginning to embellish with your images, your story, your dreams. This binding is a great place for beginners to start and offers variations for more advanced binders. Best of all, this buxom binding is sturdy and allows the book to lie flat when open. Using up-cycled belts for our binding makes it easy on the budget.

Class fee is $10: includes book board for covers, waxed linen thread in an assortment of basic colors, needles and belts for you to choose from. Instructor will also provide stencils, stamps, and paper towels for classroom use. If you would like to personalize your book with a special belt or specialty color of waxed linen thread (about 20 yards) you are welcome to bring your own. *$10 made payable to instructor upon first class

webpaperfabricdelectable papers and fabrics
instructor: liz kettle
sunday | april 27 | 10 am to 5 pm | $110

Discover the delights of creating your own unique papers and fabrics with a combination of gelatin plate mono-printing and screen printing. Gelatin plate printing is a fun and easy method of mono-printing that results in surprises and delights. We will use both the traditional gelatin plate and the new Gelli Plate. Create unique textures and patterns using found objects (aka-junk), stamps, stencils and resists or masks.

Screen printing uses a fine mesh screen to create graphic images on fabric or paper. We will explore traditional screen printing as well as thermofax screen printing techniques. We use some of the same found objects, stencils and resists to create a one of a kind delectable cloth or to layer on top of our gelatin printed fabric.

Class supply fee of $20 covers paints, papers and tools, gelatin plates and screens. The only thing you need to bring is 2-4 yards of PFD fabric or washed and ironed muslin. Mottled or patterned fabrics work too. Give those ‘what was I thinking fabrics’ a new life! If you want to work primarily in paper bring your favorite ones to try. *$20 is payable to instructor upon first day of class

register now: delectable papers and fabrics ($110)

webbookpublishing your own book
instructor: ken guentert
wednesday | june 18 | 10:30 am to 12 pm | $35

Have you been thinking about a book, a manual, or a catalog of your works? Ken Guentert of The Publishing Pro, LLC will walk you through the process that will help you design the publication that best suits your purpose and makes the most sense for your budget.

Writing materials.

register now: publishing your own book – june 18 ($35)

webmemoirwriting and publishing your memoir: an introduction
instructor: ken guentert
wednesday | may 21 | 10:30 am to 12 pm | $35

This workshop will help you get started on writing and ultimately publishing your own memoir. This session will cover the types of memoirs, your publishing options (from copy/printing a do-it-yourself book to printing and distributing a professional book), planning the project, and visualizing exactly what it will look like before you write it.

Writing materials.

register now: writing and publishing your memoir – may 21 ($35)

webmixedmediamixed media collage
instructor: liz kettle
saturday | may 31 | 10 am to 5 pm | $110

Learn all the secrets of creating great mixed media collages in this one day workshop with Liz Kettle. Collage can be a bit mystifying and scary! In this class you will learn how to create a background, super simple image transfers, the secrets behind layers, and tips on how to use paper in a textile collage. Easy hand stitching and some simple embellishments along with some sassy or serious quotes personalize your masterpiece. You will finish a 10”x 10” collage ready to take home and hang.

10” square canvas, Acrylic paint in your favorite color, palette, Soft or regular gel medium, Kit fee: $10 for images to transfer (two methods), fabrics and papers for collage, glitters, glues and threads for stitching. *$10 supply fee payable to instructor upon first class.

register now: mixed media collage ($110)


multi-week classes

webstainedglassclosed | stained glass basics
instructor: mickey mclauthlin
tuesdays | april 1-22 | 1 pm to 3 pm | $150
thursdays | april 3-24 | 6 pm to 8 pm | $150

Let the sun shine in – through fantastic stained glass pieces that you create! Learn to assemble an 8×10 glass panel by the copper foil method. Choose from four pre-printed beginner designs – celtic knot, sailboat, two different flowers – and construct your piece using the 12 Basic steps of stained glass.

All supplies are included except the Art Glass that must be purchased by the student for their project.

webpotteryclosed | wheel throwing: from clay to kiln
instructor: jim lummel
wednesdays | april 2 – june 4 | 6 pm to 8:30 pm | $225

Do you want to get your hands dirty and learn how to make beautiful functional pieces you can use every day? Bowls, cups, and simple vases are great projects for beginners but students with more experience are just as welcome! Starting with preparing the clay to throwing on the wheel this class is full of hands-on experience. Learn the properties of firing and finishing, the importance of temperature control, and basic glazing techniques. Your first 25 pounds of clay is included in the class price, but make sure to pick up the Pottery Toolkit from Meininger’s before your first class session.

Pottery Toolkit from Meininger’s.

webfiguredrawingclosed | figure drawing 1
instructor: andres orlowski
thursdays | april 3 – may 22 | 1 pm to 4 pm | $250

Students will work from the figure from life – constructing the figure, sharpening their skills for shapes, unity of modeling, artistic anatomy (emphasis on planes), proportion, alignment. Students will work on two main drawings (some warm-up exercises) and a take home sight-size copy. We will work in two of three mediums – pencil, conte, or charcoal. There will be demos and we will look at different approaches historically and contemporary to the figure.

Sketchbook, B, 2B, 4B pencils or No.2’s, Kneaded eraser, Tortillions, Hand mirror, Twelve inch string with plum line, Screw or a small object to hold the string down like a plum line, 3 toned papers Canson Mi Tientes (pearl gray), Drawing board, One sheet of sand paper, Black conte and white conte or chalk, Fixative, Bridgman book on the figure, Harold Speed’s “Science and Practice of Drawing”

webwatercolorclosed | experimenting with watercolor
instructor: linda szabo
saturdays | april 5 – may 3 (no class april 19) | 10 am to 3 pm | $200

This class offers differing methods of using watercolor. The first week will concentrate on color use and understanding the surface of the paper – 140 lb. Arches watercolor from France. The second week will be working on Nujabi 300 lb. handmade paper from Japan. The techniques used with this paper differs a good deal. The third week we’ll use very loose splashy approaches to paint to achieve an interesting surface on Yupo paper. Yupo is a manufactured surface made in the USA. On the last class, we will reconstitute a painting which has failed, using an assortment of techniques.

All materials included, plus $75 supply fee payable to instructor upon first class.

webportraitsclosed | iconic portraits in oil
instructor: erin gillespie
wednesdays | april 9-30 | 6 pm to 8 pm | $120

This workshop will be based on completing an oil painting of your favorite icon! Whether it be an influential artist, musician, writer, or your greatest mentor, this class will take you from start to finish through a painting of one of your favorite people. Using a photograph for inspiration, we will paint our iconic portraits. Experience in oil painting is preferred but beginners with strong drawing skills are welcome in a small class environment. Self-expressionism is key!

Paint brushes: Choose a variety of sizes between #1 round up to #10 or #12 (round or flat). A variety pack is fine too and usually less expensive than individual brushes. Oil paints: A small, inexpensive variety pack is fine for this course. If you own oil paints, please bring a number of colors and we can possibly share colors with class mates as well as mix colors for a wider variety of choices. Small palette knife (any kind). Paint palette (glass or plastic-any size or kind you prefer). Small plastic cup or glass jar for paint thinner or turpentine (turpentine supplied by instructor).

webdrawingclosed | yes, you can draw!
instructor: lizz driscoll
saturdays | april 12 – may 10 | 10 am to 12 pm | $185

A drawing program for all ages which emphasizes recognizing and utilizing shape, line, angle, mass, position in a visual field, and eliminating the habit of naming objects, thus tricking the brain into drawing what is actually seen rather than stored images connected with word definitions. Exercises are designed to engage the right brain and let the left side rest as we explore drawing what we see with a variety of materials. The principles can then be applied to actual “seen” objects as well as what is “seen” via the imagination. The awakening of the Right Mode of thinking and focus, which is realized through the drawing techniques, (Drawing provides a kind of language for the Right Brain) has been seen to develop creative thinking and development in other areas as well!

All materials included.

webfabricmetalpaint, metal, fabric
instructor: cass mullane
saturdays | may 10-31 | 10 am to 12:30 pm | $175

Over the course of four weeks, learn how to combine paint, metal and fabric into an intriguing small artwork. Texture, twist, weave, emboss, fold, crumple and crimp pieces of metal foil and wire, apply paint then apply to a fabric ground. Add a little heat and watch what happens! Appropriate for beginners as well as more experienced students.

All materials included.

register now: paint, metal, fabric ($175)