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427 E Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
United States



JANUARY 21 - 22 | 1 PM - 5 PM

Two thousand years ago in occupied Palestine, a carpenter named Jesus is plagued by visions, voices, and seizures that promise divinity and a chance to save the world from empire. As his revolutionary friend Judas encourages armed uprising, Jesus shares his ideas of radical love and empowerment of the oppressed. Along the way, he is tempted to abandon the path, struggling to understand and fulfill his destiny. This is one of the foundational stories of Western culture told in a way you’ve never experienced, addressing the conflict between human and divine. The Last Temptation of Christ takes away the pious and safe traditional iconography that often accompanies this story and makes it intimate, relevant, and raw.

Those interested in auditioning should come prepared to perform a 1-3 minute contemporary monologue or cold reads from the script. To schedule and book an audition time, send an email to counterweighttheatrelab@gmail.com or call 719-445-8302. The sides will be provided to you upon scheduling.

The following roles are being cast, and we are very interested in non-traditional casting.

Jesus, 25-35
Judas, 25-40
Magdalene, 20-35
Mary, 20-35
Martha, 20-35
Peter the Disciple, 20+
John the Disciple, 20+
Mary, Mother of Jesus, 40-60
other roles including Saul of Tarsus, Pontius Pilate, John the Baptist, and Lazarus

Performances: April 21 - May 7