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art + writing
INSTRUCTOR: Angi baker

Process-based Art + Writing encourages students to explore concepts and ideas (abstract and/or physical) in new and unexpected ways by using elements of creative writing as well as visual design. Narrative poetry, confessional poetry, and exploratory creative writing prompts serve as a foundational scaffold of the course’s body of work. Student’s may choose their subject, but the exercise given allows for a creative “jungle gym” of boundaries and parameters to allow growth and guidance. Beyond the practice of narrative essay and confessional poetry, students are asked to explore and engage with visual ideas of design, composition, color, texture, and more as a visual exploration of their mind’s work.

Technique becomes self-propelled emphasis. The class itself invites focus on the process, but technique is taught and certainly the pursuit of mastery and self-improvement is encouraged. Handlettering as an artform—the technical aspect and how to hone in on a word for meditative and artistic purposes. Mixed media tools, techniques, and materials are provided and discussed. The basic principles of art and design are covered, with instructor feedback on personal projects driving the work in a positive, constructive manner. The works as a whole—the idea/concept/exploratory subject—is meant to be presented in its final form as the ability to take an idea and express it with words, enhanced by shape/color/design so that a page can be presented as both narratively and visually compelling.

By the end of the class, students will leave with tools, ideas, and daily exercises/practices they can carry forth in their personal and professional lives. Art+Writing teaches tools that serve for both emotional catharsis and for professional growth. The class promotes clarified communication, explored self-expression, non-linear thinking and divergent thinking.

Will be discussed in class.