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The Holiday Art & Gift Market (formerly known as the $100 and Under Art Show and Sale) is on Small Business Saturday, November 30, 2019, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is a building-wide sales event hosted by the artists of Cottonwood (not the staff of Cottonwood). It is organized by a committee, and there are many opportunities to volunteer to make it successful for every participating artist. Here’s how it works:


• If you have a studio, you may participate.

• You must have items/services for sale in your studio. Having some items between $5 and $100 is recommended but not required.

• Make sure your studio is open on Saturday, November 30, from 10:00am-5:00pm. You are welcome to have someone studio-sit for you.

2. COST: $15 per artist

• If two or more artists share a studio, each artist will contribute $15.

• We need to have your response and the $15 fee no later than Friday, October 25th.


• 1/3 goes toward marketing. We will give each of you postcards to hand out as part of the marketing effort.

• 1/3 goes to signage, balloons, and other printed marketing.

• 1/3 goes toward funding the gift certificates. There will be a drawing at the end of the event for $50 gift certificates to be awarded to people who get the most stamps in their passports (explained below in #6). The number of gift certificates awarded will depend on the number of artists participating and the cost of marketing the event. This money is used to pay the artist who is redeeming the gift certificate. If a winner decides to use their $50 gift certificate in Tish’s studio, for example, Tish treats the gift certificate as $50 cash. She then receives the $50 value of the gift certificate when she turns it in to Annie with the winner’s name on it for redemption. You are responsible for collecting and submitting sales tax for sales within your studio.


• While your committee will be marketing full force, the BEST way for this event to shine is for everyone to market this event to your contacts. Please share our posts on your Facebook and Instagram regularly between now and November 30th, send a couple email blasts to your list, hand out postcards at your various groups, churches, stores, friends, family, etc.

• We will schedule a free Instagram class for participating artist this year. You will be notified of the time and place ASAP :)


• All sales that occur within your studio mean you keep all the proceeds. You are responsible for collecting and submitting sales tax for sales within your studio.

• All sales of art in the hallways or the foyer will carry the normal Cottonwood commission (30%). Cottonwood will process these sales and handle sales tax. Please support Cottonwood and honor your commitment to pay commission for sales in the halls!

6. Visitors and “PASSPORTS”

• Visitors will receive a “passport” when they walk in the door. They then visit each of the participating studios and get a stamp from you in their passport.

• We specifically direct visitors upstairs to the second floor to begin their shopping.

• When visitors are done, they turn in the completed passport at the front desk to be entered into a drawing for gift certificates and other prizes, which can be redeemed only at Holiday Art & Gift Market participating studios.

7. To ensure a successful event~

• If someone has moved in recently, please invite them to participate!

• Consider offering a make-and-take (kids especially love this) or do a demo.

• New this time — We'll have food and coffee vendors in the main gallery! Even so, we suggest that you plan to offer snacks and/or drinks in your studio to help make it a fun, festive atmosphere and to keep visitors in the building.

• Please do your part to get the word out to your peeps.

• We’ll be sharing tips for social media marketing at Artist Lunches and in person anytime. Ask us questions, be a shameless promoter, and make some art!

Thank you for participating and here’s to another great event!

Your Holiday Art & Gift Market Committee,

Cass Mullane, 107

Felicia Kelly, 231

Nichole Fetterhoff, 244

Annie Pieper, 244 and front desk

Lori Patton O'Hara