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advanced oil painting: limited color palette

Part of the Foundations of Oil Paint series by Jess Preble. This 4 week session is the second level of intro to oil painting with a basic color palette.

This class is preceded by Intro to Oil Painting: Limited Color Palette, Intro to Black and White Oil Painting, and Intro to Monochromatic Oil Painting. Attendance at one of the level 1 classes is a prerequisite for Intro to Color Level 2, or equivalent experience. If you are curious if this class is a good fit for your experience level, please contact our instructor at jpreble@live.com.

This series continues use of value scales in application, dynamic lighting and composition, as well as the importance of negative space and atmospheric tone to create form and beginning paintings with brush sketching. We will delve deeper into the relationship of colors and how they affect the result of each piece.

Level 2 expands our subject matter to more complex still lifes and reference material, with a higher level of expectations and refinement of techniques and your artistic voice.

These classes also include group critique sessions, with the opportunity to engage in a dialogue of constructive criticism and cheer on the work of your peers.

You will finish this series with 2 - 3 completed color oil paintings of various sizes, and a deeper comprehension of color oil painting.

Basic canvases or canvas panels - Only 4 will be needed for the class. Please bring at least one small canvas, and at least larger one in the range of 16”x20”.
Flat surface to use as palette - Can be a plate, palette paper, piece of thick glass, metal tray, thick piece of plastic, etc. Please do NOT bring palettes with indentations or bowls/dips/cups.
1 glass jar with lid
Small palette knife
Odorless mineral spirits or paint thinner - Can be purchased in hardware department of Walmart.
Cotton rags/old T shirt/old towel
Paint brushes - Please bring at least 4 brushes ranging in size from a #2, #4, #6 and one bigger brush. I recommend a “Filbert” style brush, preferably in hog hair or stiff acrylic/synthetic. Please make sure the brushes are designed specifically for oil paint, as brushes for other types of paint will dissolve/fall apart in paint thinner. Please do NOT bring brush multipacks, as they are almost always not great for oil paint.

The following paint colors in standard oil paint (not water soluble):
Titanium White
Alzarian Crimsion
Viridian Green
Prussian Blue or Pthalo Blue
Cadmium Yellow
Raw Umber
Naples Yellow
Yellow Ochre