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427 E Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80903
United States



AUGUST 1, 2017 - AUGUST 26, 2017


The Young Peoples Art Exhibition recognizes, awards, and displays the creative works of students in grades K-12 who demonstrate an exemplary ability to implement the Elements of Art and Principles of Design and is coordinated and sponsored by Colorado Springs School District 11 and Imagination Celebration. This is the 55th year of this prestigious event that features the region’s most accomplished student artists that range from Kindergarten through the 12th grade. The importance of this show lies in the idea that the hands-on and creative thinking skills developed by young people through the arts are imperative to every student. 

Education and creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson says that the biggest myth about creativity is "that it's about special people - that only a few people are really creative. Everybody has tremendous creative capacities. A policy for creativity in education needs to be about everybody, not just a few." All children are creative and we can nurture creativity as a function of everything we do, not just in the arts. It is a disciplined process that requires skill, knowledge, and control, requiring imagination, inspiration, and hard work. For Robinson, creativity is "a disciplined path of daily education. If you look at some of the people we most respect for their creative achievements, it's because of the extraordinary insights, breakthroughs, and discipline they have brought to their work."

This annual exhibition travels to several venues each year, giving young artists the opportunity to share their exceptional work with a wide variety of audiences.